Kellynd Surtova

A man of many facets; scoundrel, swashbuckler, womanizer, adventurer, jack-of-all-trades and noble.


Human Rogue

Alignment: Neutral (leans toward chaotic and good)
Archetype: Mix of Spy & Rake
(Poison use and +1 to all bluff & diplomacy checks every 3 levels. Lose trapfinding and trap sense.)
Campaign Trait: Noble born (House Surtova) +2 damage vs flat-footed opponents.

Stat spread: str: 12 or 14 con: 12 or 14 dex: 17 int: 13 or 14 wis: 8 cha: 15 or 17


Skirmisher. Fights with two “kukri” (coat of paint short swords). Will have lots of feats and rogue talents geared toward two weapon fighting, sneak attack, flanking, melee defense and feinting.

Talky. Diplomacy and bluff checks will be high. Some rogue talents can help with this a lot. Might even skill focus diplomacy.

Scout. Stealth will, of course, be a focus as it is for all successful rogues.

Prepared. Believes in being prepared for as many adventuring eventualities as possible.


Glass jaw. Can’t go toe to toe with strong opponents.

Traps and locks. While not really weak in this department he isn’t as good as most rogues.

Low Will save. Yep, -1 right off the bat.

No damned dark vision! I want the human advantage of a bonus feat and skill points. And humans relate socially better with other humans (bonus). BUT I won’t have the nifty demi-human see in the dark 60’ thing. I will have to fix this with a magic item when I can.


Kellynd Surtova

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